Disposals and valuations

Permanent deregistration

As an Authorised End-of-Life Vehicle Treatment Centre (ELVTC), we are responsible for the permanent deregistration of your vehicle, regardless of whether it is a passenger car, a commercial vehicle or an agricultural vehicle.

In order to process the definitive deregistration of any vehicle, certain documentation is required depending on several factors

  • Vehicle in the name of a private individual

    • - Technical sheet
    • - Vehicle registration certificate
    • - Photocopy of the holder's ID card
    • - In the event that the owner of the vehicle is deceased, a photocopy of the DNI of the person who delivers the vehicle and signs as representative will also be required.

  • Vehicle in the name of a company

    • - Technical data sheet
    • - Vehicle registration certificate
    • - Photocopy of the company's NIF
    • - Photocopy of the ID card of all the company's directors
    • - Company authorisation


If you wish to know the value of your vehicle for scrapping, we can give you an approximate valuation completely On-Line

- Go to the "CONTACT" section of our main menu
- Select "Valuation of my vehicle" in the "Subject" field
- Attach up to six photographs of the vehicle to be valued, adding, if possible, a photograph of the technical data sheet.
- Write in the "Message" field all the data you consider relevant for the valuation of your vehicle (cylinder capacity, kilometres, breakdowns, etc)

After receiving your message, our valuation team will send you an e-mail to the address provided with the valuation of your vehicle.